Founded in 2002, by Margaret Lydecker, Green Drinks NYC was inspired by the passion, interest and the wide variety of people in the environmental movement. The monthly networking events were created as a way to “cross-pollinate” with other like-minded people. These events are welcoming, friendly and upbeat!

Our events team consists of volunteers and interns from different backgrounds that lend their skills and talents for the growth of the Green Drinks community around the world. It’s a force for the good.

Networking can be challenging so we work to create an open, friendly environment to share ideas, inspirations, and to have those moments of serendipity! If you have a great networking idea and want to share it with us – feel free to reach out via info@greendrinksnyc.com.

Join us at the next event every second Tuesday of the month.  See website for details: www.greendrinksnyc.com


Article on Green Drinks NYC Founder, Margaret Lydecker on eco-chick.com    Check it out here

Green Drinks partners with Prairie Organic Vodka on 2013 events!  Prairie Vodka Logo

Green Drinks is excited to announce our  “SPARK Speaker Seriesevent in partnership with The Moderns that takes place at the end of every monthwhere small groups discuss BIG ideas… If you prefer networking in a more intimate setting and are passionate about particular issues or topics, our Green Drinks “SPARK Series” is perfect for you! 

SPARK Events are hosted by Paul McGinniss
Drinks and snacks provided.



Paul@GDNYCPaul McGinniss, The New York Green Advocate, has interviewed a stellar array of change makers including Sylvia Earle, Dean Kamen, Ray Kurzweil, Fabien Cousteau and Josh Fox. He is a featured contributor to EcoWatch.
Paul has helped to organize many environmental events including 7 Nights of Awareness for the December, 2011 NYC premier of the documentary film “The Big Fix.”  Paul is also a New York based real estate broker and green building and renovation consultant. He advises people on how to set up grid independent, zero net energy, resilient living situations. He is currently working with his partners to establish a grid protected, 100% self-sustaining farm community in Ulster County, NY.

Green Drinks NYC proudly hosts the SPARK Speaker Series in partnership with The Moderns, a brand agency and multidisciplinary, solutionist think tank that creates Good Design solutions that go beyond brand equity to create a culture that fosters enduring customer loyalty.


Green Drinks NYC welcomes monthly guest bloggers to capture and cover the people, news, excitement and energy of our monthly events.  Sign up to be a guest blogger at an upcoming event!  Write to info@greendrinksnyc.com with “guest blogger” in the subject line.



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