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Socially Concious Social with Green Drinks NYC & Ecohabitude!

Join Green Drinks NYC for networking at Ecohabitude!

Tuesday November 10th, 2015
from 6:30 -9:30pm

260 West 35th Street, Suite 800, New York, NY 10001

The Socially Concious Marketplace

Complimentary drinks provided by Prairie Vodka

The holidays are right around the corner and we all struggle with buying gifts for our friends and family. Well, the struggle is over! Join us at the Ecohabitude showroom where you can, mix, mingle, and shop for the latest in socially concious apparel, housewares, and other products. Shop without the guilt!
With an adorable showroom straight out of a pinterest board and over 300 vendors, you can network and shop based on what you value: handmade, vegan, made in the USA, conflirct free, organic, up-cycled, etc! Our friends at Ecohabitude will show you how the site works and how each item on the site has a unique product footprint. Check them out here.

This holiday season, we can all conciously consume!

Nail Art demos by D.I.D. Nail Art! For all you eco-creative professionals out there, we have a special treat, D.I.D. Nails will be offering nail art demos durign the event. With no toxic chemicals and tons of on-trend colors, you can get your nails D.I.D. creatively, responsibly, and freely!

Handcrafted spirits made with respect from seed to glass. 

Mindfully Drink with Prairie Vodka! Complimentry speciality cocktails will be served with Prairie vodka, an organic vodka made in the USA! Prairie’s single vintage organic corn is distilled to taste so you will enjoy every sip of it!

Learn more about Ecohabitude: Ecohabitude is a peer-to-peer marketplace designed to bring the accessibility of socially conscious apparel, accessories, beauty products, housewares, and other ethically created products directly to consumers. We’re fulfilling the demand for transparency in products & provide a platform for consumers to easily discover & connect directly with makers of high quality, ethical brands. We support entrepreneurs & businesses – large and small- that are committed to social responsibility.

Learn more about Prairie: Prairie’s single vintage organic corn is distilled to taste, not a prescribed number of times. That’s because climate, soil, and moisture levels give each small batch its own unique character. Preserving that character takes personal attention, giving our spirits an award-winning taste that can stand on its own.


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