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SXSW Eco October 2nd – October 5th in Austin, TX!

This October, SXSW Eco kicks off their 2nd annual eco conference in Austin, TX. The SXSW organization created this event to spotlight environmental, economic, and social challenges and bring together professionals from all over the world who are dedicated to finding solutions. A brief run down on what you can expect at SXSW Eco this year:

The directors of Eco will tell you that they created a conference geared towards bringing people together to create solutions, by breaking down silos and getting people from across the spectrum into the same room. People who attended last year got it and said that’s one of the major things they got out of the conference and is why they see Eco as a game changer. Eco is the one place where policy, business, advocacy, and others doing the work – meet in the same space.

SXSW Eco leverages the powerhouse brand that is SXSW, to elevate the conversation around environmental and sustainability issues and ideas that aren’t getting the attention they warrant among the mainstream. SXSW Eco is also a place of discovery where even those in the sector first learn about emerging trends and matters that have been flying under the radar. The conference also convenes thought leaders from around the world, from across the environmental and sustainability community, whether Fortune 500 companies, advocacy and political leaders, cleantech investors, etc.; giving them a rare forum to come together to strategize what’s next and learn from eachother.  The conference is approached the same as March’s SXSW – Panel Picker, one of a kind events, music, art, and thought provoking sessions are all in the mix. This year, SXSW Eco is proud to announce Senator Byron Dorgan, Annie Leonard, and Bill McKibben as keynote speakers.

While most energy/environmental conferences focus on more abstract academic concepts, SXSW Eco’s goal is to have a full, comprehensive conversation about current issues with people from diverse backgrounds who will collaboratively identify implementable actions. To this end, part of the conference will center around a working group to create a new Ap called the NGO ToolKit which aims to enable NGOs to respond to crises in collaborative and cooperative manner.The crisis response Ap will focus on efficient resource allocation by standardizing data collection by enabling workers to be able to upload real time information to the Ap.

For all of you gamers out there, SXSW Eco will be showcasing The UVA Bay Game, a video game that combines current demographic, economic, and scientific data of the Chesapeake Bay watershed and turns it into a large scale participatory simulation that allows players to take on the roles of different stakeholders of the bay. This game was created by UVA and is the first of its kind!

The Department of Energy and Cleanweb International will be hosting a Hackathon from October 4th – 5th, where coders have 24 hours to create new energy tools that will be presented at the Hackathon show and tell. Participants will get a complimentary SXSW Eco registration badge for participation.

The conference will also host Terra Nova: Sinfonia Antartica, a multimedia electronic, orchestral, and visual collaboration by DJ Spooky on Thursday night, October 4th. DJ Spooky will preform a soundtrack to footage he took in Antartica to raise awareness of the rapidly changing continent.

For those who can’t make the trek to Texas, SXSW Eco will be streaming all keynote speeches and podcasts of events will be available. SXSW Eco will have 15 minute filmed “Get to the Point” shorts available online in which speakers will discuss topics for 15 minutes.

Follow SXSW Eco on facebook and twitter for updates about the event!

Want to win a ticket? Comment on our facebook page about what you are most excited to experience at SXSW Eco!


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