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Like IT? Like Energy? You’ll LOVE Energy Infotech NYC

We had a lot of help for all of you members out there over the years and we wanted to have a special shout out to Energy Infotech for helping us out!

Energy Infotech NYC, where IT and Energy meet.

What are they all about?

Co-sponsored by the Pratt Center for Community Development and NYSERDA’s clean energy business development group, Energy Infotech NYC is centered around connecting entrepreneurs, investors, and consumers in order to create solutions to challenges in the information technology industry. New York City is a leader in innovation and Energy Infotech aims to leverage this resource to address the needs of anyone in IT or the sustainable industry who wants to innovate with information technology.

What have they done?

In January, Energy Infotech participated in the NYC Clean Web Hackathon (Also in September, 2012), focusing on building applications that tackle energy, water, and other sustainability issues. Earlier this summer, Energy Infotech generated a report identifying the gaps and needs in the cleantech space in New York City. They also recently hosted a breakfast series on building owners and managers use of energy infotech.

How do I get involved?

You can join their community and connect with other industry members! Always check back to see if they have any upcoming events. Like them on facebook and follow them on twitter for more updates!


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