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Juan Carlos, Speaker Highlight 2! SPARK, Tuesday May 22nd!

The SPARK series event is next Tuesday, May 22nd and we couldn’t be more thrilled about the community leaders joining us at The Moderns! Get your tickets now!

Our panelists include Anjie Cho (Co-Leader of the EcoBiz program at the Lower East Side Ecology Center), Juan Carlos (the Founder of the White Roof Project), and Phoebe Stern (Director of Operations of Fourth Arts Block).

Speaker Highlight: Juan Carlos

Juan Carlos, the founder of the White Roof Project, is an entrepreneur, film director, and social activist. In addition to founding Popten magazine, a magazine that ranks top tens in practically all categories, Juan also filmed two documentaries, Second Skin, a documentary on virtual worlds, and Know How, a documentary about the nonprofit The Possibility Project where foster kids get to create their own musical based on personal experiences.

Juan founded the White Roof Project after a single proposed roof project resulted in 150 volunteers showing up to help. The White Roof Project aims at coating nyc rooftops with reflective, high albedo coatings that will reflect heat, reduce the urban heat island effect, and cut down on smog. Focusing their efforts in economically disadvantaged communities, the White Roof Project has coated 39 rooftops to date and engaged over 750 volunteers. Check out their video here!

With entrepreneurial experience and grassroots know-how, Juan will share his opinions on community empowerment and local level change with the other panelists next Tuesday.

About the SPARK series event Making Global Change with the Power of Community:

When a community comes together, we can create powerful change. Over the past 10 years, the Green Drinks NYC community has grown by leaps and bounds and worked together to create global positive change. In this month’s SPARK* event, we’ll be joined by community and local professionals for a compelling panel on how we can make sustainable global change by sticking together. Global change begins when a community gathers together to start a movement in their own neighborhoods. Join us for an evening you won’t soon forget!


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