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Community Spotlight on Alix Davidson, Director of Green Festival NYC

Spotlight on Alix Davidson, Director of Green Festival NYC

For Alix Davidson, director of this weekend’s Green Festival at the Javits Center, it was the big whale at the Museum of Natural History in Manhattan that solidified a life long interest in green issues. A Manhattan native, Alix spent a lot of time at both the Museum of Natural History and the shores of Long Island. This led her to study foresting at Washington State where she focused on foresting and community activism. It was through her studies and work on National Audubon Society’s forest campaign that Alix forged the connection between green activism and social justice. This work led Davidson toGreen America, an organization working “to create a socially just and environmentally sustainable society.”  It was a natural fit.

The first ever Green Festival was held 11 years ago in San Francisco. 8 years ago, the Green Festival made its Washington DC. This weekend, the Green Festival comes to New York City. With success in Chicago, San Francisco and Washington DC, it’s only natural that the Green Festival would come to New York City. The secret to the Green Festival’s success? The exhibitors. They have truly transformed the festival into a “buzzing hive of green innovation,” says Davidson.

With over the 5000 attendees and 300 booths, New Yorkers will truly feel inspired by the size of the green community that will be celebrated at the Green Festival this weekend. By attending the Green Festival, New Yorkers will gain a better sense of the sheer volume of the “consumer-oriented green companies” that are out there doing great things.

Planning on attending this weekend’s Green Festival? Don’t miss the good food stage, says Davidson. There will be sushi, strawberry salsa, and cooking demos. There will also be fair trade coffee and chocolate! If you’re thirsty, be sure to stop by the organic beer and wine garden. T.H.R.E.A.D.S. will also be holding a fashion show. But the most important thing to do this weekend at the Green Festival? Have fun, says Davidson. And bring a friend!

Guest Blogger Sonja Whipp is a freelance writer with an interest in green issues. When not writing or incessantly tweeting, Sonja enjoys exploring the City in search of great restaurants and exciting people. Find her on Twitter @SJWhipp and on her blog Ramblings.


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