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February Event @ The Park

February 8, 2011: I didn’t know what to expect on my first day at my internship let alone my first Green Drinks event.  Running from my last class, I escaped the arctic winds that were blowing New Yorkers left and right and stepped into The Park.  The colorful dim lighting, beautiful decoration and lights that wrapped around the trees made the essence of the venue breathtaking.  As people strolled into the area, I was able to meet a lot of interesting people with their own businesses, those with start-up ideas and recent graduates looking for a job.  Some people who came weren’t even affiliated with green industries but wanted to learn more on how to make their companies or lifestyles a little more eco-friendly.  

I was able to conduct networking games such as “Networking 360” where 8 people stood in a circle, introduced themselves and collaborated different information and ideas as well as “Speed Networking” where I was able to ring a cowbell every 4 minutes to signal a “SWITCH!!!”  Everyone seemed to be having a fun and successful time as I saw many business card exchanges, long conversations and friendly introductions.  Two representatives from solar and wind power strutted their stuff with interesting information about future planning for greener energy.  The solar group even had Valentine’s Day cards to have everyone sign asking the government to pass the Solar Jobs Act.  Shaun, the solar representative, even said he would hand deliver them!

It was fun to meet people from different business directions.  I met one woman who works to create easier layouts for powerpoint presentations by adding in graphics and breaking down the information into bite size pieces.  (I’ll have to recommend my professors to her!)  I also met with another woman who recycles and restyles jewelry so that us ladies don’t have to get bored with the same old jewelry!  I ran into a lawyer who wanted to learn more about the green movement as well as a marketer who started her own business distributing products all over the east coast.  Meeting all these people really had me thinking, what the hell am I going to do after I graduate?!?! No worries, I still have time… hah. It was cool to see how people were inspired by their passions and what they love to do and made it their living.

From a night filled with organic chocolate (mmm), delicious red velvet cake (MMMMM) and a lot of mixing and mingling, it seemed like everyone had a great time!  If you were there and want to see amazing pictures or if you weren't able to make it and see what you missed out on, check out http://jonvachon.smugmug.com/Greendrinksnyc/Park-Feb-2011.  Jon Vachon, our photographer, took amazing pictures that night!


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